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About the Book Double Massive by Cassandra Dee Read Online Free

He was utterly massive, making me pant with pleasure … as was his brother.

When I met Logan and Lance it was like a dream come true. They were everything a girl would ever want … charismatic, gorgeous, and successful. But it was weird because when we started experimenting with the forbidden, Logan and Lance were curiously secretive. Was it because we were steps, our relationship taboo, or was there something else … maybe even another woman?

Join Kacey on her journey of discovery to a place where the unexpected becomes real.

Note: This is a standalone book with a guaranteed HEA. This book contains a complimentary copy of Twin Stepbrother Secrets (The Complete Series).

About The Author For Double Massive by Cassandra Dee Read Online Free

Hi, I’m Cassandra! If you’re looking for something short, smutty and sweet to read, then you’re in the right place!

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