Deja Review Psychiatry PDF (USMLE) Free Download

Deja Review Psychiatry PDF (USMLE)

Deja Review Psychiatry PDF


Deja Review Psychiatry was written with the intent to provide 3rd-year medical students with a comprehensive overview of the information they will encounter in their Psychiatry clerkship. The information is presented using brief, bullet-point questions and answers in order to improve the usability of the text without sacrificing content. We attempted to draw students’ attention to important and high-yield concepts by using boldface terms and stylized exclamation points. In addition, we encourage students to spend time learning the material presented in the final chapter consisting of “clinical vignettes,” which model the format of both the Boards and Psychiatry shelf exams.
Our primary goals are that the text is easy-to-use, clear, and comprehensive. Since this is the initial publication of Deja Review Psychiatry, we invite students that use the book to send us suggestions for improvements to be incorporated into future editions.

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