cs101 assignment 2 solution 2018

• Create Heading

‘ITU S ing UpForm” using 1-11 tag. • Create text boxes for Name and Father Name and show your own name and father name as default value. • Next you will be required to create two radio buttons for Gender. Default value should be selected as per your own gender when the page will be run. Make sure only one option will be selected at a time. • Create text box showing your own date of birth. • Using Select tags. create am- 5 study programs options i.e Certificate, BS, MCS, MIT, NS etc but on conning web page, bydefault your own study gogram should be selected. • Create text area for comments using columns and rows of your own choice and in comments, describe about yourself in 20 to 30 words. i.e Hubbies, VU Experience etc. • For email you can use text box and show your student email as default value i.e [email protected] • For Password and Confirm Password, text boxes should remain blank. • Create two buttons labeled as S’ n U and Reset on Sign Up button, the JavaScript function should be called to check Password and Confirm Password matches or not. Alert Message should be shown accordingly.

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