critical infrastructure homeland security and emergency preparedness

“Reporting on the significant strides made in securing and protecting our nation’s infrastructures, this timely and accessible resource examines emergency responsiveness and other issues vital to national homeland security. Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness details the important measures that have been taken over the past few years to safeguard the industries, national landmarks, and national assets considered vital to the continued economic operation and success of any country and its people. After introducing the topic, this comprehensive book covers concerns such as data classification and categorization, border security and immigration, cyberterrorism, hazardous materials, national response plans, national incident management systems, and incident command systems. It presents newly developed department and agency level protocols, as well as newly formulated procedures and guidelines. It also explains security vulnerability assessments, information sharing and analysis centers, control systems, and supervisory control and data acquisition. Comprehensive and authoritative, Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness isa must-have resource for professionals within both the private and public sectors and for students studying topics relating to critical infrastructure, emergency management, crisis response, and disaster recovery.”–Publisher’s website.

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