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If you or a loved one is waking up to the signs of adult acne or acne scarring, Dr. Barry Lycka’s new book,The Secrets Of Beautiful Acne Free Skin is for you. In V4 of Dr. Lycka’s popular series Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, In Depth Conversations with the World’s Leading Cosmetic Surgeons he interviews New York acne expert Dr. Rebecca Baxt. They talk about why the saying men are from Mars and women from Venus applies to acne too, provide details about the best gender specific medications and treatments as well as tips on maintaining acne resistant skin.

Topics covered:

•Adult Acne, Men VS Women
•Adult VS Teenage Acne
•What’s Going On In The Body
•Acne And Its Many Faces
•Acne And Your Diet
•How Stress Can Take Its Toll
•Hormones – Puberty, Menopause And Acne
•Sweat Glands And The Multiplier Effect
•Make Up And Moisturizers
•Treating Various Skin Types
•When To Call Your Dermatologist
•Treating Acne With Antibiotics
•Topical Treatments
•Accutane Explained
•Photodynamic And Laser Treatments
•Scars-Lasers, Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling And More
•Collagen Stimulants And Combo Treatments
•Treating Ethnic Skin
•Helpful Everyday Tips To Keep Acne Away

Happy reading!

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