Core Topics in Mechanical Ventilation PDF

Core Topics in Mechanical Ventilation PDF – (Cambridge Medicine)

Core Topics in Mechanical Ventilation PDF

    1. Core Topics in Mechanical VentilationBook
    2. Core Topics in Mechanical Ventilation Book
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Respiratory support is recognized to be a key component
in the resuscitation of acutely ill patients
and, as such, the basics are taught to all those who
seek to acquire life support skills. Following stabilization,
the continued provision of respiratory
support, be it in the emergency department, respiratory
ward or intensive care unit, is largely taken
for granted. However, as the ARDSnet study has
recently reminded us, the way we manage mechanical
ventilation in the medium and long term actually
has a significant impact on patient outcome.
Although the literature is full of the evidence necessary
to provide optimal respiratory support, synthesizing
this evidence into a cohesive and logical
approach would be an enormous task for one
individual. On the other hand, excellent sections
on respiratory support can be found in the major
textbooks on critical care and indeed the

and practice of mechanical ventilation’ is the
sole subject of Martin Tobin’s authoritative tome of
that name. However, these large reference books are
expensive and less than suitable for those who need
a more concise and practical overview of the subject.
This book therefore seeks to fill the gap between
the journals and the major textbooks by bringing
together clear, concise and evidence-based accounts
of important topics in respiratory support, together
with, where necessary, explanations of its physiology
and pathology. It is hoped, therefore, that this
book will appeal to a very wide audience, and will
make a substantial contribution to the interest in,
and teaching of, the art and science of mechanical
ventilation. In addition, since many of those who
work with patients who require respiratory support
do not have an anaesthetic background, knowledge
particular to this specialty has not been assumed.
I would welcome any feedback so that future editions
of this book can better meet the needs of its

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