Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology A Case-Based Approach pdf

Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology A Case-Based Approach pdf – Cambridge Medicine

Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology A Case-Based Approach pdf – Cambridge Medicine

Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology A Case-Based Approach
Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology A Case-Based Approach
Core Clinical Competencies in Anesthesiology A Case-Based Approach ebook

Table of Contents:

Introduction: “From themountain” 1
1 An anesthetic view of the Core Clinical Competencies 3
2 Anesthetic cases through the Core Clinical Competencies looking glass 7

Part 1 – Contributions from Stony
Brook University Medical Center
under Christopher J. Gallagher
Case 1. Pop goes the aneurysm 11
Christopher J. Gallagher and Tommy Corrado
Case 2. No Foley, no surgeon; what
now? 18
Christopher J. Gallagher and Khoa Nguyen
Case 3. Bad airway in the Andes 23
Christopher J. Gallagher and Khoa Nguyen
Case 4. Wedge is 18; he must be full 28
Christopher J. Gallagher and Dominick
Case 5. Calling across specialties 34
Christopher J. Gallagher and Kathleen Dubrow
Case 6. Extubation wrecking a
perfectly good Sunday 40
Christopher J. Gallagher and Eric Posner
Case 7. The sin of pride after an awake
intubation 43
Christopher J. Gallagher and Eric Posner
Case 8. Brown-Sequard and the
orthopedic knife extraction 46
Christopher J. Gallagher and Tommy Corrado
Case 9. When were those stents placed? 52
Christopher J. Gallagher and Matthew Neal
Case 10. Flame on! 56
Christopher J. Gallagher and Matthew Neal
Case 11. What date would you like
carved in stone? 61
Christopher J. Gallagher and Anna Kogan
Case 12. Spasm, spasm, how do I treat
thee? Bronchospasm in a stage IV
breast cancer patient 65
Bharathi Scott and Shiena Sharma
Case 13. Why don’t you join the HIT
parade? HIT in a cardiac surgery patient 69
Bharathi Scott and Jason Daras
Case 14. Bad lungs in the ICU 73
Shaji Poovathor and Rany Makaryus
Case 15. A simple breast biopsy 79
Neera Tewari and Ramtin Cohanim
Case 16. Fast-track perioperative
management of patients having a
laparoscopic colectomy for colon
cancer 83

Brian Durkin and Sofie Hussain
Case 17. Treatment of complex
regional pain syndrome when the
payer doesn’t know anything about
what you are treating 86
Marco Palmieri and Brian Durkin
Case 18. OB case with cancer and
hypercoagulable state 90
Joy Schabel and Andrew Rozbruch
Case 19. Extubated and jaws wired shut 95
Peggy Seidman and Ramon Abola
Case 20. Code Noelle: A tale of
postpartum hemorrhage 102
Rishimani Adsumelli and Ramon Abola vii
Case 21. Are you sure there’s a baby
there? A tale of the morbidly obese
parturient 108
Ellen Steinberg and Ramon Abola
Case 22. Smoking, still smoking, and
won’t quit 114
Deborah Richman and Rany Makaryus
Case 23. Pseudoseizures following
office extubation 119
Ralph Epstein and Andrew Drollinger
Case 24. What happened to the ETT
tip? 123
Ralph Epstein and Tate Montgomery
Case 25. Jerry and Terry want one
more baby 128
Rishimani Adsumelli and Vishal Sharma
Case 26. Overhextending yourself 134
Helene Benveniste and Jonida Zeqo
Case 27. Broken catheter afterWhipple 137
Xiaojun Guo and Khoa Nguyen
Case 28. Pierre who? 142
Ron Jasiewicz and Khoa Nguyen
Case 29. Submandibular abscess 147
Syed Azim and Jane Yi
Case 30. ERCP with sedation: A Big
MAC (monitored anesthesia care),
supersized! 153
Tazeen Beg and Michelle DiGuglielmo
Case 31. On call in labor and delivery:
Themorbidly obese nightmare 158
Ursula Landman and Kathleen Dubrow
Case 32. Kidney transplant 164
Syed Azim and Louis Chun
Case 33. Electrical glitch 169
Daryn Moller and Joseph Conrad
Case 34. What do youmean you stop
breathing in your sleep? 175
Deborah Richman and Vishal Sharma
Case 35. Please prevent postop
puking 181
Neera Tewari and Vedan Djesevic
Case 36. Mr.Whipple and the case of
the guy who likes to mix a few vikes
with his vodka 184
Misako Sakamaki and Brian Durkin

Part 2 – Contributions from the
University of Medicine and
Dentistry of New Jersey under
Steven H. Ginsberg
Case 37. Burn, baby, burn: Anesthesia
inferno 191
Jeremy Grayson and Stephen Lemke
Case 38. CABG 198
John Denny and Salvatore Zisa Jr.
Case 39. The Da Vinci Code for
anesthesiologists 203
Steven H. Ginsberg, Jonathan Kraidin,
and Peter Chung
Case 40. Transhiatal esophagectomy:
Do you have the stomach for it? 211
Jonathan Kraidin, Steven H. Ginsberg,
and Tejal Patel

Part 3 – Contribution from the
University of Texas M.D. Anderson
Cancer Center under Marc Rozner
Case 41. Never yell fire in a crowded OR 217
Charles Cowles and Marc Rozner

Part 4 – Contributions from the
University of Miami Miller School
of Medicine under Michael C. Lewis
Case 42. Nephrectomy 227
Michael C. Lewis and V. Samepathi David
Case 43. Another day at the
office…based anesthesia 232
Steven Gil and Nancy Setzer-Saade
Case 44. OB to the core 236
viii Deborah Brauer and Murlikrishna Kannan
Case 45. Cut off at the knees 240
Ashish Udeshi
Case 46. Neuro 246
Eric A. Harris and Miguel Santos
Case 47. Cardiac catheterization
laboratory to cardiac operating room 252
Lebron Cooper and Adam Sewell
Case 48. Lap choly in someone great
with child 260
Amy Klash Pulido and Shawn Banks
Case 49. Renal transplant 263
Carlos M. Mijares and Sana Nini
Case 50. Surprise! It’s a liver and
kidney transplant 266
Michael Rossi and Sujatha Pentakota
Case 51. Left lower extremity pain 269
Omair H. Toor andDavid A. Lindley
Case 52. Trauma 276
Edgar Pierre and PatriciaWawroski
Case 53. Whack-an-eye 281
Steve Gayer and Shafeena Nurani

Part 5 – Contributions from Johns
Hopkins Medical Institutions
under Deborah A. Schwengel
Case 54. Singin’ the OSA blues 289
Jennifer K. Lee and Deborah A. Schwengel
Case 55. Oxygen 295
Justin Lockman and Deborah A. Schwengel
Case 56. “My patient’s an airhead!”
Management of air embolism during
sitting craniotomy 301
Alexander Papangelou
Case 57. Fifty-one-year-old female
with abdominal pain, diarrhea,
flushing, and heart murmur for
exploratory laparotomy 307
Peter Lin and Ralph J. Fuchs
Case 58. DIC: Disseminated
intravascular coagulation or
devastating injury to the cervix? 313
Sayeh Hamzehzadeh and Tina Tran
Case 59. All I had was a knee
bursectomy; now do I have RSD (CRPS)? 318
Adam J. Carinci and Paul J. Christo
Case 60. Obstetricians cannot detect
FH sounds, and Mom’s cyanotic: What’s
an anesthesiologist to do? 324
Ramola Bhambhani and Lale Odekon
Case 61. A case ofmistaken identity 334
Nishant Gandhi and Bradford D.Winters
Case 62. “To block or not to block, that
is the question”: Anticoagulation and
epidural anesthesia 340
Brandon M. Togioka and ChristopherWu
Case 63. Anterior mediastinalmass
with total occlusion of the superior
vena cava and distal tracheal
compression 347
Andrew Goins and Daniel Nyhan
Case 64. Puff themagic dragon 352
Steven J. Schwartz
Case 65. “You mean the screw isn’t
supposed to be in the aorta?” Massive
bleeding during spine surgery 360
Melissa Pant and Lauren C. Berkow
Case 66. Oh no, someone get the NO! 365
Rabi Panigrahi, Brijen L. Joshi, and
Nanhi Mitter
Case 67. What to do when HITT hits
the fan 369
Ira Lehrer and Nanhi Mitter
Case 68. “Just don’t stopmy achy,
breaky heart. . . ” 375
Sapna Kudchadkar and R. Blaine Easley
Case 69. Too bad, so sad. . . it’s Friday
afternoon with a VAD 382
Jeremy M. Huff andTheresa L. Hartsell
Case 70. The disappearing left
ventricle: A double lung transplant in a
patient with severe pulmonary
hypertension 391
Kerry K. Blaha and Dan Berkowitz
Case 71. Exit procedure – twins! 397
Gillian Newman and Eugenie
Case 72. OMG, that’s the RV! 403
Christine L. Mai and Robert S. Greenberg
Case 73. Aborted takeoff 410
EmmettWhitaker and Deborah
A. Schwengel
Case 74. Revenge of the blue
crab cake 416
Samuel M. Galvagno Jr. and Theresa L.
Case 75. Mind, body, and spirit 425
Christina Miller and Adam Schiavi
Case 76. He’s not dead yet! 434
Veronica Busso and Mark Rossberg

Part 6 – Contribution from the
Medical College ofWisconsin
under Elena J. Holak
Case 77. The Four Horsemen of Notre
Dame or the Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse? The story of how horses
tried to ruinmy first night on call 441
Elena J. Holak and Paul S. Pagel
Summary 449

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