Concepts of Genetics 11th Edition PDF


It is essential that textbook authors step back and look with fresh eyes as each edition of their work is planned. In doing so, two main questions must be posed: (1) How has the body of information in their field—in this case Genetics—grown and shifted since the last edition; and (2) What pedagogic innovations might be devised and incorporated into the text that will unquestionably enhance students’ learning? The preparation of the 11th edition of Concepts of Genetics, a text now entering its fourth decade of providing support for students studying in this field, has occasioned still another fresh look.
And what we focused on in this new edition, in addition to the normal updating that is inevitably required, were two things: (1) the need to increase the opportunities for instructors and students to engage in active and cooperative learning approaches, either within or outside of the classroom; and (2) the need to provide more comprehensive coverage of
important, emerging topics that do not yet warrant their own traditional chapters. Regarding the first point, and as discussed in further detail below, we have added a new feature called Modern Understanding of Gene Function, which appears within many chapters. In addition, we have retained the very popular Genetics, Technology, and Society essays that
appear at the end of many chapters. This feature includes an active learning format called Your Turn, which directly engages the student with provocative assignments. These features are in addition to Exploring Genomics entries, and together, these all may serve as the basis for
interactions between small groups of students, either in or out of the classroom. Regarding emerging topics, we continue to include a unique approach in genetics textbooks that offers readers a set of abbreviated, highly focused chapters that we label Special Topics in Modern Genetics. In
this edition, these provide uniquely cohesive coverage of six important topics: Epigenetics, Emerging Roles of RNA, Genomics and Personalized Medicine, DNA Forensics, Genetically Modified Foods, and Gene Therapy. Three of these (RNA, GM Foods, and Gene Therapy) are new to this edition.


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