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  1. Compact Clinical Guide to Mechanical Ventilation
    Compact Clinical Guide to Mechanical Ventilation
    Compact Clinical Guide to Mechanical Ventilation Ebook


Caring for a patient requiring mechanical ventilation in the intensive
care unit can be a daunting task. Furthermore, keeping up with
the latest evidence-based practice in mechanical ventilation can be a
challenge, even for experienced critical care nurses.
Th e Compact Clinical Guide to Mechanical Ventilation was conceptualized
as a comprehensive, practical guide for critical care
nurses to use at the bedside to aid in providing high-quality patient
care. Th is Clinical Guide will be useful for both the novice and experienced
critical care nurse in the application of evidence-based
practice at the bedside.

With many years of practice at the bedside, as clinical educators
and educators in graduate critical care certifi cate programs, our vision
is to take foundational concepts for the critical care nurse, such as
mechanical ventilation, and translate them into easy-to-understand,
practical information for immediate use at the bedside. Over the
years of providing critical care education for registered nurses, we
have both observed and been told by our students about the areas
they fi nd the most diffi cult to understand and apply.
Many mechanical ventilation texts are written by physicians
and respiratory therapists and include explanations from their perspectives.
Th is text is co-authored by two registered nurses who have
practiced in critical care for many years as bedside practitioners and
as clinical/classroom/online/simulation educators…


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