Clinical Biochemistry An Illustrated Colour Text 5th Edition pdf


Clinical Biochemistry An Illustrated Colour Text 5th Edition pdf


  • Clinical Biochemistry An Illustrated Colour Text 5th Edition pdf
    Clinical Biochemistry An Illustrated Colour Text 5th Edition free download
    Clinical Biochemistry An Illustrated Colour Text 5th Edition ebook

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The clinical biochemistry laboratory
Chapter 2: The use of the laboratory
Chapter 3: The interpretation of results
Chapter 4: Point of care testing
Chapter 5: Reference intervals
Chapter 6: Fluid and electrolyte balance: Concepts and vocabulary
Chapter 7: Water and sodium balance
Chapter 8: Hyponatraemia: Pathophysiology
Chapter 9: Hyponatraemia: Assessment and management
Chapter 10: Hypernatraemia
Chapter 11: Hyperkalaemia
Chapter 12: Hypokalaemia
Chapter 13: Intravenous fluid therapy
Chapter 14: Investigation of renal function (1)
Chapter 15: Investigation of renal function (2)
Chapter 16: Urinalysis
Chapter 17: Proteinuria

Chapter 18: Acute renal failure
Chapter 19: Chronic renal failure
Chapter 20: Acid–base: Concepts and vocabulary
Chapter 21: Metabolic acid–base disorders
Chapter 22: Respiratory and mixed acid–base disorders
Chapter 23: Oxygen transport
Chapter 24: Acid–base disorders: Diagnosis and management
Chapter 25: Proteins and enzymes
Chapter 26: Immunoglobulins
Chapter 27: Myocardial infarction
Chapter 28: Liver function tests
Chapter 29: Jaundice
Chapter 30: Liver disease
Chapter 31: Glucose metabolism and diabetes mellitus
Chapter 32: Diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus
Chapter 33: Diabetic ketoacidosis
Chapter 34: Hypoglycaemia
Chapter 35: Calcium regulation and hypocalcaemia
Chapter 36: Hypercalcaemia
Chapter 37: Phosphate and magnesium
Chapter 38: Bone disease
Chapter 39: Osteoporosis
Chapter 40: Endocrine control
Chapter 41: Dynamic function tests
Chapter 42: Pituitary function
Chapter 43: Growth disorders and acromegaly
Chapter 44: Thyroid pathophysiology
Chapter 45: Hypothyroidism
Chapter 46: Hyperthyroidism
Chapter 47: Adrenocortical pathophysiology
Chapter 48: Hypofunction of the adrenal cortex
Chapter 49: Hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex
Chapter 50: Gonadal function
Chapter 51: Subfertility
Chapter 52: Nutritional assessment
Chapter 53: Nutritional support
Chapter 54: Parenteral nutrition
Chapter 55: The metabolic response to injury
Chapter 56: Gastrointestinal disorders
Chapter 57: Iron
Chapter 58: Zinc and copper
Chapter 59: Therapeutic drug monitoring
Chapter 60: Toxicology
Chapter 61: Metal poisoning
Chapter 62: Alcohol
Chapter 63: Coma
Chapter 64: Ascites and pleural fluid
Chapter 65: Cerebrospinal and other body fluids
Chapter 66: Lipoprotein metabolism
Chapter 67: Clinical disorders of lipid metabolism
Chapter 68: Hypertension
Chapter 69: Cancer and its consequences
Chapter 70: Tumour markers
Chapter 71: Multiple endocrine neoplasia
Chapter 72: Hyperuricaemia
Chapter 73: Myopathy
Chapter 74: Biochemistry in the elderly
Chapter 75: Fetal monitoring and prenatal diagnosis
Chapter 76: Pregnancy
Chapter 77: Antenatal screening
Chapter 78: Screening the newborn for disease
Chapter 79: Paediatric biochemistry
Chapter 80: Inborn errors of metabolism


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