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Chest Radiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review PDF

Chest Radiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review PDF

Chest Radiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review PDF




Chest Radiography: PreTest® Self-Assessment and Review has been designed for medical students and physicians in training. Its basic format parallels the questions in the various steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE). The design of the book is unique in this series and will serve as a guide for physicians in training. The cases have been compiled on the basis of radiographic patterns and clinical scenarios to enable quicker reference. The Quick Reference guide at the end of the book will help the reader to focus on a particular type of radiographic abnormality and correlate it with a likely applicable clinical scenario. At the same time, this book does not compromise on the basic concept of the PreTest® series and enables the student/reader to prepare for the examination questions that pertain to pulmonary problems within chest x-rays. The clinical items are followed by questions that are based on knowledge of physical examination, associated medical conditions, and broad diagnostic and management strategies to provide a comprehensive educational review. The answers are divided into parts dealing with basic chest radiograph interpretation, followed by a general discussion of related radiographic patterns focused on in that chapter and concluding with the point-by-point answers to specific questions in that chapter. A glossary of terms commonly used in chest radiograph interpretation is also provided to help the reader understand descriptive terms. Thus, this book serves to provide a broadened scope of internal medicine review as well as a medium of instructional learning on how to interpret chest radiographs. It invites the reader to think through the diagnostic and management steps of each case while answering the various components of the questions. This format will also be useful to physicians in training who want to refresh their chest x-ray interpretation techniques in a day-to day clinical setting.

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