Cell and Molecular Biology 7th Edition PDF
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Cell and Molecular Biology 7th Edition PDF

Cell and Molecular Biology 7th Edition PDF


Cell and Molecular Biology 7th Edition PDF


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  2. Cell and Molecular Biology 7th Edition PDF
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Before I began work on the first edition of this text, I drew
up a number of basic guidelines regarding the type of book I
planned to write.

● I wanted a text suited for an introductory course in cell and
molecular biology that ran either a single semester or 1–2
quarters. I set out to draft a text of about 800 pages that would
not overwhelm or discourage students at this level.
● I wanted a text that elaborated on fundamental concepts,
such as the relationship between molecular structure and
function, the dynamic character of cellular organelles, the use
of chemical energy in running cellular activities and ensuring
accurate macromolecular biosynthesis, the observed unity
and diversity at the macromolecular and cellular levels, and
the mechanisms that regulate cellular activities.
● I wanted a text that was grounded in the experimental
approach. Cell and molecular biology is an experimental science
and, like most instructors, I believe students should gain some
knowledge of how we know what we know.With this in mind,
I decided to approach the experimental nature of the subject in
two ways. As I wrote each chapter, I included enough
experimental evidence to justify many of the conclusions that
were being made. Along the way, I described the salient
features of key experimental approaches and research methodologies.
Chapters 8 and 9, for example, contain introductory
sections on techniques that have proven most important in the
analysis of cytomembranes and the cytoskeleton, respectively. I
included brief discussions of selected experiments of major importance
in the body of the chapters to reinforce the

experimental basis of our knowledge. I placed the more detailed
aspects of methodologies in a final “techniques chapter” because
(1) I did not want to interrupt the flow of discussion of a
subject with a large tangential section on technology and (2) I
realized that different instructors prefer to discuss a particular
technology in connection with different subject…




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