Clinical Electives MBBS

How to Get Clinical Electives in UK (Experience)| You Need to know now

A clinical elective or attachment abroad is a great way to start planning your professional career. And if you’re a medical student who dreams of getting into a residency program in USA or UK then a clinical elective outside your country is a tremendous opportunity which not only boosts your confidence (by working in an international hospital […]

2nd Year MBBS MBBS Viva Question Bank

Abdomen / Pelvis Anatomy Viva Questions for 2nd Year MBBS

This blog post contains important viva questions of Abdomen / Pelvis Anatomy for 2nd Year MBBS. They were collected from oral exam (viva) stations by students of Bolan Medical College and were compiled by Usman Ahmad (batch 2014-15). When you screw up in the Anatomy stage / test after giving all your efforts. 😛   Important Anatomy Viva Questions […]