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High-Yield Anatomy Notes for FCPS Part 1

In this article, we are going to share with you important and high-yield anatomy notes for FCPS Part 1. These notes have been developed by an anonymous student who compiled a list of 300+ high-yield anatomy facts/pearls based on the past papers of FCPS Part 1 exam. Below are the chapters covered in these high-yield […]


High-Yield General Pathology Notes for USMLE Step 1/FCPS Part 1|You need to know

If you are preparing for USMLE Step 1 or FCPS Part 1 exam and wondering which books to consult when studying Pathology, then you must not fall into any sort of confusions. Still thinking how? Alright, let’s get things straight. 🙂 For General Pathology, you must keep in mind that “Rapid Review of Pathology” by Edward Goljan is more than enough. […]


FCPS Part 1 Past Papers PDF Download [16,000 MCQs QBank] |Google Drive Links

For anyone who aspires to take the FCPS Part 1 exam, practicing MCQs (especially from the past papers) is crucial for cracking this highly competitive exam. There are many MCQ/BCQ books out there offering FCPS Part 1 past papers but the problem with such publications is that they’re not up-to-date and the same edition of the book is published […]


Best Books for FCPS Part 1 [Experience Based]

For an aspiring medical student, every “the end” is actually a beginning of something harder and even more dreadful. 😀 Remember the good old days back in college? When seniors, parents, and relatives used to say, “Ek bar medical college main seat le lo, phir life set hai!”… which loosely translates into “Life will be a lot easier […]