Case Files Family Medicine 3rd Edition PDF

Case Files Family Medicine 3rd Edition PDF

Case Files Family Medicine 3rd Edition


Table of Contents

Section I
How to Approach Clinical Problems 1
Part 1. Approaching the Patient 2
Part 2. Approach to Clinical Problem Solving 6
Part 3. Approaching Reading 8

Section II
Clinical Cases 13
Forty-Two Case Scenarios 15

Section III
Listing of Cases 587
Listing by Case Number 589
Listing by Disorder (Alphabetical) 590

Index 593


The curriculum that evolved into the ideas for this series was inspired by Philbert Yau and Chuck Rosipal, two talented and forthright students, who have since graduated from medical school. It has been a tremendous joy to work with my excellent coauthors, especially Dr. Manny Suarez, who exemplifies the qualities of the ideal physician-caring, empathetic, and avid teacher, and who is intellectually a giant. It was on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, while reviewing the curriculum of the fledgling Trinity School of Medicine, that Manny and I conceived about the idea of this book, a critical care book for students. I also enjoy collaborating with Dr. Terry Liu, my longtime friend and colleague whose expertise and commitment to medical education is legendary. I am greatly indebted to my editor, Catherine Johnson, whose exuberance, experience, and vision helped to shape this series. I appreciate McGraw-Hill’s believing in the concept of teaching through clinical cases, and I would like to especially acknowledge Cindy Yoo for her editing expertise and Catherine Saggese and Anupriya Tyagi for the excellent production. It has been amazing to work together with my daughter Allison, who is a senior nursing student at the Scott and White School of Nursing; she is an astute manuscript reviewer and already in her early career she has a good clinical acumen. I appreciate the excellent support team at St. Joseph: Linda Bergstrom, Lisa Martinez, and Vanessa Yacouby. At Methodist, I appreciate Drs. Judy Paukert, Tim Boone, Marc Boom, and Alan Kaplan who have welcomed our residents; Carolyn Ward, a talented administrator, who holds the department together. Without my dear colleagues, Drs. Konrad Harms, Priti Schachel, and Gizelle Brooks-Carter, this book could not have been written. Most of all, I appreciate my ever-loving wife Terri, and our four wonderful children, Andy, Michael, Allison, and Christina, for their patience and understanding.

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