Cardiology Core Curriculum A Problem-Based Approach

Cardiology Core Curriculum A Problem-Based Approach PDF

Cardiology Core Curriculum A Problem-Based Approach
 Author John Rutherford
 Isbn 0727916904
 File size 4.6 MB
 Year 2003
 Pages 624
 Language English
 File format PDF
 Category Cardiology,Free Medical Books
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Book Description:

This textbook covers all the main subspecialties in cardiology, including a large proportion of case studies that illustrate the principles of clinical practice. Self testing questions accompany each case. Authored by leading cardiologists, this is an up to date, well illustrated, core cardiological text for those preparing for the specialist examinations.

Contents: History and physical examination, ECG, CSR; non-invasive imaging and stress testing; catheterisation diagnostic and therapeutic uses; hypertension primary and secondary; atherosclerosis epidemiology, risk factors, lipoprotein abnormalities, diagnosis and treatment; acute coronary syndromes; chronic ischaemic heart disease; arrhythmias; cardiac arrest and resuscitation; heart failure and cardiac transplantation; congenital heart disease; valvular heart disease and infective endocarditis; pericardial disease, diseases of the aorta, heart tumours; pulmonary embolism and pulmonary hypertension; non-cardiac surgery in patients with heart disease; heart disease and pregnancy; cardiovascular pharmacology; arterial vascular disease

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