Cardiology Clinical Questions PDF

Cardiology Clinical Questions PDF

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A complete point-of-care Q&A guide to clinical cardiology

Cardiac Clinical Questions answers more than one-hundred of the clinical cardiology questions most frequently asked of the authors during consultation. The book simulates the consultation process: consult question ?data collection? synthesis of data ? solution.
After clarifying the key concept, the critical data obtained includes the history, physical exam, EKG, imaging, and lab(s). A point-of-care solution is derived by inserting this data into simple logical equations. In addition, contraindications, discussions using evidence-based medicine, and references are included.
Cardiac Clinical Questions is Divided Into Nine Sections:

Diagnostic Testing
Valvular Diseases
Cardiac Diseases
Congenital Heart Diseases
Heart Failure and Hypertension
Cardiac Clinical Questions is the single-best resource for quickly translating the most current knowledge into practical, diagnostic real-time solutions.

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