Basic Clinical Anesthesia pdf

Basic Clinical Anesthesia pdf – 2015

Basic Clinical Anesthesia pdf – 2015

Basic Clinical Anesthesia
Basic Clinical Anesthesia
Basic Clinical Anesthesia ebook

Table of Contents:

History of Anesthesia
Sikka, Paul K.
Pages 3-6

Preoperative Evaluation
Galway, Ursula A.
Pages 7-15

Approach to Anesthesia
Sikka, Paul K.
Pages 17-22

Perioperative Airway Management
Irefin, Samuel
Pages 23-44

Anesthesia Machine
Singh, Preet Mohinder
Pages 45-68

Patient Monitoring
Grable, Benjamin
Pages 69-88

Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
Hackett, Patrick
Pages 89-100

Transfusion Medicine
Joy, Matthew A.
Pages 101-115

Mechanisms of Anesthetic Action
Damian, Daniela
Pages 119-122

Inhalational Anesthetics
Neubert, Lee
Pages 123-129

Intravenous Induction Agents
Jackson, Dustin J.
Pages 131-138

Opioids and Benzodiazepines
Krakowski, James C.
Pages 139-150

Neuromuscular Blocking and Reversal Agents
Sturgill, Emily L.
Pages 151-158

Haft, Wendy A.
Pages 159-163

NSAIDs and Alpha-2 Adrenergic Agonists
McHugh, Stephen M.
Pages 165-168

Cormican, Daniel S.
Pages 169-173

Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Abdullah, Ali R.
Pages 175-184

Local Anesthetics
Tetzlaff, John E.
Pages 185-196

Allergic Reactions
Ross, Scott M.
Pages 197-202

Drug Interactions
Manrique-Espinel, Ana Maria
Pages 203-207

Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia
Turnbull, John H.
Pages 211-231

Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Tom, Michael
Pages 233-251

Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Halaszynski, Thomas M.
Pages 253-263

Pain Management
Naidu, Ramana K.
Pages 265-296

Orthopedic Anesthesia
Moon, Tiffany Sun
Pages 297-307

Cardiac Anesthesia
Sardesai, Mahesh
Pages 311-353

Vascular Anesthesia
Hensley, Joshua
Pages 355-362

Thoracic Anesthesia
Campbell, Lundy (et al.)
Pages 363-395

Gierl, Brian
Pages 397-414

Ambulatory Anesthesia
Singh, Preet Mohinder
Pages 415-419

Non-operating Room Anesthesia
Clark, Carlee
Pages 421-428

Hepatic and Gastrointestinal Diseases
Rubin, Kasia Petelenz
Pages 429-440

Renal and Urinary Tract Diseases
Butterly, Arielle
Pages 441-457

Endocrine Diseases
Sikka, Paul K.
Pages 459-468

Neurological and Neuromuscular Diseases
Gierl, Brian
Pages 469-482

Ophthalmic Surgery
Berry, Scott
Pages 483-487

Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery
Adams, M. Christopher
Pages 489-499

Obstetric Anesthesia
Badve, Manasi
Pages 501-527

Pediatric Anesthesia
Yemen, Terrance Allan
Pages 529-547

Critical Care
Sikka, Paul K.
Pages 549-573

Postoperative Anesthesia Care
Argalious, Maged
Pages 575-584

Harika, Ricky
Pages 587-592

The Elderly Patient
Singh, Preet Mohinder
Pages 593-601

Pulmonary Aspiration and Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
Anderson, Paul C.
Pages 603-608

Acid Base Balance
Langston, Kristi D.
Pages 609-614

Adams, Phillip
Pages 615-622

Spine Surgery
Li, Pulsar
Pages 623-626

Robotic Surgery
Smith, Kyle
Pages 627-630

Patient Positioning and Common Nerve Injuries
Estes, Jonathan
Pages 631-636

Substance Abuse
Ford, Daniel J.
Pages 637-641

Awareness Under Anesthesia
Lonchena, Tiffany
Pages 643-645

Infectious Diseases
Cohen, Seth R.
Pages 647-651

Alternative Medicine and Anesthesia
Shaffer, E. Gail
Pages 653-655

Cosmetic Surgery
O’Connor, Jessica
Pages 657-659

Hazards of Working in the Operating Room
Ross, Faith J.
Pages 661-665

Operating Room Management
DeChancie, Sean M.
Pages 667-670

Residency Requirements and Guidelines
Resti, Joseph P.
Pages 671-674

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