atlas of temporomandibular joint surgery 2nd edition pdf

Atlas of Temporomandibular Joint Surgery 2nd Edition PDF

Atlas of Temporomandibular Joint Surgery 2nd Edition PDF


This second edition of the Atlas of Temporomandibular JointSurgery is a major revision of Dr. Quinn’s classic work,taking into account new procedures, equipment, and evidence-basedfindings from the latest research in TMJ treatment.

Assuming that readers are familiar with non-surgical therapies tocorrect temporomandibular pain and disorders, Drs. Quinn andGranquist focus on the surgical remedies for disorders that arebeyond conservative treatment. This concise, how-to surgical atlasguides both the novice and experienced surgeon through theintra-articular and extra-articular procedures that have provenefficacious in the treatment of advanced craniomandibulardysfunction. Chapters take readers through decision making for TMJsurgery, diagnostic imaging methods, surgical approaches, surgeryfor internal derangements, trauma, osseous surgical procedures,total joint replacement, and pathologies.

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