Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF

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Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF


Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF


  1. Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF
    Atlas of Clinical Andrology PDF Free Download
    Atlas of Clinical Andrology Ebook


Andrology, the science of the physiology, pathology
and microbiology of male reproduction, is a field not
well established in medicine, in science or in the public
consciousness. Unlike gynecology, the science of
andrology is a young discipline and is currently generating
some amazing new insights, as well as many
new puzzling questions. Only in the past 20–25 years
have researchers begun to specialize in andrology.
Remarkable advances have been accomplished in
assisted reproductive technology: in vitro fertilization
micromanipulation of reproductive products, intracytoplasmic
insemination, intrauterine insemination
and in vitro manipulation of semen.

A few groups of enthusiastic researchers have
devoted special attention to human andrology, and
rapid development is anticipated owing to the application
of modern technology, which has advanced so
spectacularly in recent years.
This Atlas includes the most recent research
findings in male endocrinology, neuroendocrinology,
growth factors, sperm quality/fertility, male
immunology and molecular andrology. Recent
advances in molecular genetics have a significant
impact on the precision of assessing the psychopathological
processes of spermatogenesis, Sertoli cells, seminal
plasma, sperm capacitation and fertilization.


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