Andre P Boezaart. Primer of Regional Anesthesia Anatomy
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Andre P Boezaart. Primer of Regional Anesthesia Anatomy PDF

Andre P Boezaart. Primer of Regional Anesthesia Anatomy


Andre P Boezaart. Primer of Regional Anesthesia Anatomy



Although it is not the purpose of this textbook to teach Regional Anesthesia (RA) techniques per se, experienced practitioners of RA and Acute Pain Medicine (APM) have long realized that if they truly understand the macro-, micro-, sono- and functional anatomy of a nerve or nerve plexus, they already know how to do the blocks of that nerve or plexus. To make this essential knowledge readily available in one concise and easy to study resource, Professor Boezaart and his colleagues have compiled this textbook for anyone who needs a deeper understanding of the complexities of the nervous system anatomy as it applies to RA and APM. With over 4 decades of personal experience researching, practicing and teaching these subjects, and over 150 years of combined experience of the co-authors, they are well qualified to bring this resource to the perpetual student. This 2nd Edition of “The Primer” is an extension of the very successful and popular 1st Edition, which did not include micro- and sonoanatomy. It comprises minimal text and maximal visual material, including photographs and the beautiful award winning illustrations of Mary Bryson. It is available as a single comprehensive book, or, alternatively, as 3 separate volumes for the practitioner who desires to study only a particular section of the anatomy. Volume 1 deals with the upper extremity, Volume 2 with the lower extremity and Volume 3 with the trunk and abdominal sympathetic ganglia. The book is so designed that viewing the figures, reading their legends, and watching the dynamic sonoanatomy and functional anatomy videos online, should give practitioners and students a more than adequate working knowledge to effectively perform most, if not all, nerve blocks. And certainly, enough knowledge to answer any ABA or other examination questions on RA and APM anatomy. This primer should be regarded as the absolute minimum anatomical knowledge required for proficiency in RA. Clicking on, or copying any URL in these pages into a browser, will take the reader to further educational material that was created as part of this textbook for those interested in a deeper study of the subject.


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