Advances in Critical Care Testing The 1996 IFCC-AVL Award

This volume on scientific advances in critical care testing com­ piles a number of clinical and laboratory studies related to criti­ cally ill patients that involve new technology, therapy options, application or interpretation of new tests, patient management and cost benefits. There were a total of 340 applicants for this first International Federation of Clinical Chemistry-AVL Award, and from these, National Winners were selected in 26 member countries of the IFCC. This publication presents the full papers of the ten finalists among the National Winners selected for the international final held in London in July 1996. These ten were chosen by the Inter­ national Awards Committee of the IFCC. In addition, the editors have decided also to include their choice of the best abstracts from the National Winners, thus giving a broad overview of cur­ rent research being conducted in the field of critical care medi­ cine among IFCC members. In keeping with the title of this volume, all major fields of in­ tensive care medicine are represented, including inflammation, infection, stress, hypoxia, ischaemia, cardiology, haemodynamics, blood gases, electrolytes, trace -elements, nephrology, gastroenter­ ology and haematology. In addition, there is also a chapter on new technology in critical care testing and on miscellaneous top­ ics.

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