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Acute Pain Management PDF

Acute Pain Management PDF – (Cambridge Medicine)


Acute Pain Management PDF


Acute Pain Management
Acute Pain Management Book
Acute Pain Management Ebook


This textbook is written as a comprehensive overview of acute
pain management. It is designed to guide clinicians through the
impressive array of different options available to them and to
patients. Since the late 1990s, there has been a flurry of interest in
the extent to which acute pain can become chronic pain and how
we might reduce the incidence of such chronicity. This overview
covers topics related to a wide range of treatments for pain management,
including the anatomy of pain pathways, the pathophysiology
of severe pain, pain assessment, therapeutic guidelines,

analgesic options, organization of pain services, and the role of
anesthesiologists, surgeons, pharmacists, and nurses in providing
optimal care. It also discusses the use of patient-controlled
analgesia and how this may or may not be effective and useful.
Dr. Raymond S. Sinatra currently serves as Professor of Anesthesiology
at Yale University School of Medicine. He received
his MD as well as a PhD in neuroscience at SUNY Downstate
School ofMedicine and completed his anesthesiology residency
at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Sinatra joined the faculty at Yale in 1985 and organized one of
the first anesthesiology-based pain management services in the
United States. In addition to directing the service, he has served
as principal investigator for dozens of clinical protocols evaluating
novel analgesics and analgesic delivery systems. Dr. Sinatra
has authored more than 130 scientific papers, review articles, and
textbook chapters on pain management and obstetrical anaesthesiology
and was senior editor of an earlier textbook titled
Acute Pain: Mechanisms and Management. Dr. Sinatra annually
presents papers and lectures at both national and international
meetings and serves as a reviewer for several anaesthesiology and
pain management journals.

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