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ABC of Subfertility pdf

ABC of Subfertility pdf


ABC of Subfertility pdf


ABC of Subfertility pdf
ABC of Subfertility pdf free download
ABC of Subfertility BMJ
ABC of Subfertility ebook

Definitions of subfertility

Subfertility is a failure to conceive after one year of unprotected
regular sexual intercourse. Subfertility can be primary or secondary
Primary subfertility—a delay for a couple who have had no previous
Secondary subfertility—a delay for a couple who have conceived
previously, although the pregancy may not have been successful (for
example, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy)

Extent of the problem

One in six couples have an unwanted delay in conception.
Roughly half of these couples will conceive either
spontaneously or with relatively simple advice or treatment. The
other half remain subfertile and need more complex treatment,
such as in vitro fertilisation and other assisted conception
techniques; about half of these will have primary subfertility.
Most couples presenting with a fertility problem do not have
absolute infertility (that is, no chance of conception), but rather
relative subfertility with a reduced chance of conception
because of one or more factors in either or both partners. Most
couples with subfertility will conceive spontaneously or will be
amenable to treatment, so that only 4% remain involuntarily
childless. As each couple has a substantial chance of conceiving
without treatment, relating the potential benefit of treatment to
their chances of conceiving naturally is important to give a
realistic appraisal of the added benefit offered by treatment

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