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ABC of Sleep Medicine pdf

ABC of Sleep Medicine pdf


ABC of Sleep Medicine pdf


ABC of Sleep Medicine pdf
ABC of Sleep Medicine pdf free download
ABC of Sleep Medicine BMJ
ABC of Sleep Medicine ebook

Table of Contents:

1 Normal versus Abnormal Sleep, 1
2 Diagnosing Sleep Disorders, 6
3 Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, 12
4 Sleep Apnoea Syndromes, 18
5 Insomnia, 24
6 Secondary (co-morbid) Insomnia, 29
7 The Parasomnias, 33
8 Sleep Disorders in Children, 38
9 Sleep in Neurodegenerative Disease, 43
10 Sleep in Psychiatric Disease, 47
11 Drugs Used in Sleep Medicine, 51
Index, 57


At a personal level, everyone recognises the importance of good
quality sleep. From a medical perspective, however, only recently
has the potential adverse impact of a disordered sleep–wake cycle
on cognitive, mental and even physical health been realised. The
consequences of excessive daytime sleepiness are also increasingly
defined, especially with respect to driving and other potentially
dangerous activities. Perhaps surprisingly, the precise biological
reasons why every animal has a basic need for regular sleep are still
speculative and the fascinating state of rapid eye movement (REM)
sleep remains a particular enigma. However, it is abundantly clear
that sleepiness is a true drive state and, ultimately, as important as
hunger or thirst for optimal health and survival.
Partly because it cuts across numerous more established specialities,
the emerging discipline of sleep medicine remains in its
infancy and is generally poorly addressed in medical schools. As a
consequence, many physicians in primary and secondary care lack
confidence in addressing sleep-related symptoms, despite significant
advances in our understanding and treatment options for the
majority of sleep disorders over the last decade. A further confound
is a widely held and mistaken belief that sleep disorders invariably
require complex and expensive techniques for confident diagnosis.
With the exception of sleep-related breathing disorders, the majority
of sleep disorders can actually be adequately managed without
an absolute need for detailed investigations…


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