ABC of Practical Procedures pdf

ABC of Practical Procedures pdf


ABC of Practical Procedures pdf



ABC of Practical Procedures pdf
ABC of Practical Procedures pdf free download
ABC of Practical Procedures BMJ
ABC of Practical Procedures ebook

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction, 1
Tim Nutbeam and Ron Daniels

2 Consent and Documentation, 3
Tim Nutbeam

3 Universal Precautions and Infection Control, 6
Anne Mutlow

4 Local Anaesthesia and Safe Sedation, 11
Ron Daniels

5 Sampling: Blood-Taking and Cultures, 18
Helen Parry and Lynn Lambert

6 Sampling: Arterial Blood Gases, 23
Kathryn Laver and Julian Hull

7 Sampling: Lumbar Puncture, 29
Mike Byrne

8 Sampling: Ascitic Tap, 35
Andrew King

9 Sampling: Pleural Aspiration, 39
Nicola Sinden

10 Access: Intravenous Cannulation, 44
Anna Fergusson and Oliver Masters

11 Access: Central Venous, 50
Ronan O’Leary and Andrew Quinn

12 Access: Emergency – Intraosseous Access and Venous Cutdown, 57
Matt Boylan

13 Therapeutic: Airway – Basic Airway Manoeuvres and Adjuncts, 65
Tim Nutbeam

14 Therapeutic: Airway – Insertion of Laryngeal Mask Airway, 70
Tim Nutbeam

15 Therapeutic: Endotracheal Intubation, 73
Randeep Mullhi

16 Therapeutic: Ascitic Drain, 80
Sharat Putta

17 Therapeutic: Chest Drain, 84
Nicola Sinden

18 Monitoring: Urinary Catheterisation, 91
Adam Low and Michael Foster

19 Monitoring: Central Line, 97
Ronan O’Leary and Andrew Quinn

20 Monitoring: Arterial Line, 101
Rob Moss

21 Specials: Suturing and Joint Aspiration, 107
Simon Laing and Chris Hetherington

22 Specials: Paediatric Procedures, 114
Kate McCann and Amy Walker

23 Specials: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 120
Caroline Fox and Lucy Higgins

Index, 125


Download the book – pdf file – 7.43 MB

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