ABC Of Patient Safety pdf

ABC Of Patient Safety pdf


ABC Of Patient Safety pdf


ABC Of Patient Safety pdf
ABC Of Patient Safety pdf free download
ABC Of Patient Safety BMJ
ABC Of Patient Safety ebook

Table of Contents:

1 The Scope of the Problem, 1
John Sandars

2 The Nature of Error, 4
Jenny Firth-Cozens, John Sandars

3 Diagnosis, 9
John Sandars

4 Use of Medication, 12
Darren M Ashcroft, Judith A Cantrill

5 Communication and Patient Safety, 16
Martin Beyer, Julia Rohe, Peter J Nicklin, Keith Haynes

6 Patient Safety Culture, 20
Tanya Claridge, John Sandars

7 Principles of Clinical Risk Management, 24
Julie Price, Peter J Nicklin, Keith Haynes

8 Learning from Threats to Patient Safety, 29
Maureen Baker, Richard Thomson, John Sandars

9 Patient Safety and the Law, 34
Michael Jones, Gary Cook

10 The Healthcare Policy Context, 37
Robert L Phillips

11 The Impact on Patients and Healthcare Professionals, 41
Amanda Howe, Peter Walsh

12 Future Directions, 44
Aziz Sheikh, Maureen Baker, Richard Thomson

Index, 47


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