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ABC Of Obesity pdf

ABC Of Obesity pdf


ABC Of Obesity pdf


ABC Of Obesity pdf
ABC Of Obesity pdf free download
ABC Of Obesity BMJ
ABC Of Obesity ebook

Obesity—time to wake up

The obesity epidemic in the United Kingdom is out of control,
and none of the measures being undertaken show signs of
halting the problem, let alone reversing the trend. The United
States is about 10 years ahead in terms of its obesity problem,
and it has an epidemic of type 2 diabetes with obesity levels that
are rocketing. Obesity is a global problem—levels are rising all
over the world. Moreover, certain ethnic groups seem to be
more sensitive than others to the adverse metabolic effects of
obesity. For example, high levels of diabetes and related diseases
are found in South Asian and Arab populations. Although most
of the medical complications and costs of obesity are found in
adults, obesity levels are also rising in children in the UK and


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