ABC of Mental Health 2nd Edition pdf

ABC of Mental Health 2nd Edition pdf


ABC of Mental Health 2nd Edition pdf
ABC of Mental Health 2nd Edition pdf free download
ABC of Mental Health 2nd Edition BMJ
ABC of Mental Health 2nd Edition ebook

Table of Contents:

1 Mental Health Assessment, 1
Teifi on Davies and Tom Craig

2 Managing Distressed and Challenging Patients, 7
Teifi on Davies

3 Mental Health Problems in Primary Care, 11
Richard Byng and Jed Boardman

4 Managing Mental Health Problems in the General Hospital, 15
Amanda Ramirez and Allan House

5 Mental Health Emergencies, 19
Zerrin Atakan and David Taylor

6 Mental Health Services, 23
Rosalind Ramsay and Frank Holloway

7 Anxiety, 28
Stirling Moorey and Anthony S Hale

8 Depression, 35
Anthony S Hale and Teifi on Davies

9 Bipolar Disorders, 40
Teifi on Davies

10 Schizophrenia, 44
Trevor Turner

11 Disorders of Personality, 48
Martin Marlowe

12 Psychosexual Problems, 52
Dinesh Bhugra, James P Watson and Teifi on Davies

13 Addiction and Dependence: Illicit Drugs, 55
Clare Gerada and Mark Ashworth

14 Addiction and Dependence: Alcohol, 60
Mark Ashworth, Clare Gerada and Yvonne Doyle

15 Mental Health Problems in Old Age, 64
Chris Ball

16 Dementia, 68
Chris Ball

17 Mental Health Problems of Children and Adolescents, 72
Emily Simonoff

18 Mental Health Problems in People with Intellectual Disability, 76
Nick Bouras and Geraldine Holt

19 Mental Health in a Multiethnic Society, 81
Simon Dein

20 Mental Health on the Margins: Homelessness and Mental Disorder, 86
Philip Timms and Adrian McLachlan

21 Mental Health and the Law, 91
Humphrey Needham-Bennett

22 Drug Treatments in Mental Health, 96
Soumitra R Pathare and Carol Paton

23 Psychological Treatments, 103
Suzanne Jolley and Phil Richardson

24 Risk Management in Mental Health, 108
Teifi on Davies

Index, 114


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