ABC Of Kidney Disease pdf

ABC Of Kidney Disease pdf


ABC Of Kidney Disease pdf

Table of Contents:

1 Diagnostic Tests in Chronic Kidney Disease, 1
Behdad Afzali, Satish Jayawardene, David Goldsmith

2 Screening and Early Intervention in Chronic Kidney Disease, 7
Richard Burden, Charlie Tomson

3 Chronic Kidney Disease – Prevention of Progression and of Cardiovascular Complications, 11
Mohsen El Kossi, Aminu Kasarawa Bello, Rizwan Hamer, A Meguid El Nahas

4 Adult Nephrotic Syndrome, 15
Richard Hull, Sean Gallagher, David Goldsmith

5 Renal Artery Stenosis, 24
Philip Kalra, Satish Jayawardene, David Goldsmith

6 Urinary Tract Infections, Renal Stones, Renal Cysts and Tumours and Pregnancy in Chronic Kidney Disease, 28
David Goldsmith

7 Acute Kidney Injury, 33
Rachel Hilton

8 Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Transplantation in Children, 40
Judy Taylor, Christopher Reid

9 Conservative (‘Non Dialytic’) Treatment for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, 47
Frances Coldstream, Neil S Sheerin

10 Dialysis, 52
Christopher W McIntyre, James O Burton

11 Renal Transplantation, 58
Ming He, John Taylor

12 The Organization of Services for People with Chronic Kidney Disease – a 21st Century Challenge, 65
Donal O’Donoghue, John Feehally

Appendix 1 Glossary of Renal Terms and Conditions, 69
David Goldsmith

Appendix 2 Anaemia Management in Chronic Kidney Disease, 72
Penny Ackland

Appendix 3 Chronic Kidney Disease and Drug Prescribing, 74
Douglas Maclean, Satish Jaywardene

Index, 79

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