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ABC Of Conflict And Disaster pdf

ABC Of Conflict And Disaster pdf

ABC Of Conflict And Disaster pdf

ABC Of Conflict And Disaster pdf
ABC Of Conflict And Disaster pdf free download
ABC Of Conflict And Disaster ebook
ABC Of Conflict And Disaster BMJ

Standards for humanitarian agencies

The Sphere Project
Those affected by catastrophe and conflicts often lose basic
human rights. Recognizing this, a group of humanitarian
non-governmental organisations and the Red Cross movement
launched the Sphere Project in 1997. The aim of this project
was to improve the quality of assistance and enhance the
accountability of the humanitarian system in disaster response
by developing a set of universal minimum standards in core
areas and a humanitarian charter.
The charter, based on international treaties and
conventions, emphasises the right of people affected by disaster
to life with dignity. It identifies the protection of this right as a
quality measure of humanitarian work and one for which
humanitarian actors bear responsibilities.
The Sphere Project was launched in response to concern
about inconsistencies in aid provided to people affected by
disaster, and the frequent lack of accountability of humanitarian
agencies to their beneficiaries, their membership, and their
donors. The project attempts to identify and define the rights of
populations affected by disasters in order to facilitate effective
planning and implementation of humanitarian relief.


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