ABC Of Breast Diseases pdf

ABC Of Breast Diseases pdf


ABC Of Breast Diseases pdf


ABC Of Breast Diseases pdf
ABC Of Breast Diseases bmj
ABC Of Breast Diseases free download
ABC Of Breast Diseases ebook

Table of Contents:

1 Symptoms, assessment, and guidelines for referral 1
JM Dixon, J Thomas

2 Congenital problems and aberrations of normal development and involution 8
JM Dixon, J Thomas

3 Mastalgia 15
J Iddon

4 Breast infection 19
JM Dixon

5 Breast cancer—epidemiology, risk factors, and genetics 24
K McPherson, CM Steel, JM Dixon

6 Screening for breast cancer 30
ARM Wilson, RD Macmillan, J Patnick

7 Breast cancer 36
JRC Sainsbury, GM Ross, J Thomas

8 Management of regional nodes in breast cancer 42
NJ Bundred, A Rodger, JM Dixon

9 Breast cancer: treatment of elderly patients and uncommon conditions 48
JM Dixon, JRC Sainsbury, A Rodger

10 Role of systemic treatment of primary operable breast cancer 54
IE Smith, S Chua

11 Locally advanced breast cancer 65
A Rodger, RCF Leonard, JM Dixon

12 Metastatic breast cancer 70
RCF Leonard, A Rodger, JM Dixon

13 Prognostic factors 77
AM Thompson, SE Pinder

14 Clinical trials of management of early breast cancer 81
JR Yarnold

15 Psychological aspects 87
P Maguire, P Hopwood

16 Carcinoma in situ and patients at high risk of breast cancer 92
DL Page, NJ Bundred, CM Steel

17 Breast reconstruction 100
JM Dixon, JD Watson, JRC Sainsbury, EM Weiler-Mithoff

Index 107


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