ABC of Asthma 6th edition pdf



ABC of Asthma 6th edition pdf
ABC of Asthma 6th edition BMJ
ABC of Asthma 6th edition free download
ABC of Asthma 6th edition ebook

Table of Contents:

Asthma in Adults
John Rees
1 Definition and Pathology, 1
2 Prevalence, 6
3 Diagnostic Testing and Monitoring, 10
4 Clinical Course, 17
5 Precipitating Factors, 21
6 General Management of Chronic Asthma, 29
7 Treatment of Chronic Asthma, 32
8 General Management of Acute Asthma, 40
9 Treatment of Acute Asthma, 44
10 Methods of Delivering Drugs, 50

Asthma in Children
Dipak Kanabar
11 Definition, Prevalence and Prevention, 54
12 Patterns of Illness and Diagnosis, 61
13 Treatment, 65
14 Pharmacological Therapies for Asthma, 67
15 Acute Severe Asthma, 73

General Practice
Shriti Pattani
16 Clinical Aspects of Managing Asthma in Primary Care, 76
17 Organisation of Asthma Care in Primary Care, 83

Index, 89


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