ABC of AIDS Fifth Edition pdf

ABC of AIDS Fifth Edition pdf

ABC of AIDS Fifth Edition pdf

ABC of AIDS Fifth Edition pdf
ABC of AIDS bmj
ABC of AIDS pdf
ABC of AIDS free download

Table of Contents:

1 Development of the epidemic 1
Michael W Adler

2 The virus and the tests 6
PP Mortimer, C Loveday

3 Immunology of AIDS 12
Peter Beverley, Matthew Helbert

4 Natural history and management of early HIV infection 17
Adrian Mindel, Melinda Tenant-Flowers

5 Tumours in HIV 23
Caroline H Bridgewater, Margaret F Spittle

6 AIDS and the lung 30
Rob Miller

7 Gastrointestinal and hepatic manifestations 38
Ian McGowan, Ian VD Weller

8 Neurological manifestations 42
Hadi Manji

9 Treatment of infections and antiviral therapy 46
Ian VD Weller, IG Williams

10 HIV infection and AIDS in the developing world 59
Alison D Grant, Kevin M De Cock

11 Injection drug use-related HIV infection 65

RP Brettle

12 HIV infection in children 73
Gareth Tudor-Williams, Diana Gibb

13 HIV counselling and the psychosocial management of patients with HIV or AIDS 82
Sarah Chippindale, Lesley French

14 Palliative care and pain control in HIV and AIDS 86
Rob George, Chris Farnham, Louise Schofield

15 Control of infection policies 95
IJ Hart, Celia Aitken

16 Strategies for prevention 99
John Imrie, Anne M Johnson

17 Being HIV antibody positive 106
Jonathan Grimshaw

18 Having AIDS 108
Caroline Guinness

Index 111

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