A Concise Textbook Of Surgery 6th Edition

A Concise Textbook Of Surgery 6th Edition PDF

A Concise Textbook Of Surgery 6th Edition PDF


It is a pleasure to acknowledge my sense of gratitude to the teaching faculty and the students of the Indian Subcontinent, who have widely accepted, appreciated and recommended this book. This book is now an accepted Textbook in major teaching institutions of this country. It has transcended other Foreign Textbooks in terms of sales and popularity. This has definitely encouraged me to bring out this edition. Surgery is advancing very fast. This edition mirrors the important changes which have taken place recently. This book provides an update for the students both the undergraduate and the postgraduate. The trend is now towards minimal access surgery, it has gone upto needlescopic laparoscopy and the scope and application of these are discussed in almost all the chapters.

I have always averted altercations and only accepted facts have been enumerated. I have not shown any interest to embellish this edition with coloured photographs as these are more ornamental and do not always help the students to understand their implications. The success of this book reflects the wide appeal of its presentation of the fundamentals of surgical practice in a direct and concise way. Editing a warmly accepted book is more of a challenge which I am well aware of and it may be assured that an honest attempt has been made. All the chapters have been updated and recent advances are included. What I have not changed is the basic idea — that one should have a clear conception of this subject based on Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology to know the symptoms and signs of surgical diseases and their respective treatment in the present scenerio. To let the readers know about the primary intention of this book, I have not reprieved preface to the first edition.

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