1001 Tips for Orthodontics and its Secrets PDF

1001 Tips for Orthodontics and its Secrets PDF


This book includes the basic biochemical principles and explains how the management of anchorage is a fundamental part of treatment . It provides the superb exposition of different techniques which should help make decisions in the solution of different problems from space closure , passing through the therapeutic focuses of open and closed bites the treatment of anterior and posterior cross bites. Dental and skeletal through the polemic distalization. Chapter 1. Action and reaction . Chapter 2. Anchorage . Chapter 3. Space closure in orthodontics . Chapter 4. Deep bite . Chapter 5. Open bite . Chapter 6. Cross bite . Chapter 7. Distalizers . Chapter 8. Habits . Chapter 9. Lesions and emergencies during orthodontic treatment . Chapter 10. Retention in orthodontics

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